Neath Botox Prices from £99, Neath Lip Filler prices from £180

At the Skin Clinic we want to ensure that you have the best possible results. Before any treatment you will have a comprehensive initial consultation and we also offer a free follow up appointment 2 weeks later. 


If any 'top up' treatment is required in order to achieve the best possible results this is provided free of charge. We have an 'up front' pricing policy for all to see. Top ups are for Botox adjustments only.

Please Note: 48 Hours Notice is Required For All Cancellations

All prices are valid for Cash, Debit and Credit card payments

Botox prices Neath

Botox® for Facial Wrinkles
1 Area £99  
2 Areas   £150  

3 Areas   


 ***Big Savings to be made by having more  than 1 area treated***


Botox Areas

Forehead £99  
Glabella £99  
Crows feet £99  
Mouth £99  
Top lip £99  
Under eyes (eye creases) £99  
Chin £99  
Zygoma (high cheek Smile) £99  

Note: No additional prescription charge. If an above average dosage of Botox® is required there will be a £20 surcharge for 1 area and £40 for 2 or more areas. This can apply to men or women with stronger than average facial muscles. 

Botox for Headaches & Migraine

Forehead / Scalp / Neck £300  

Note: Headaches and migraines respond well to being treated with Botox.

Botox for excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Arms pits (both) £300  
Extreme Hyperhidrosis £450  
Forehead £190  
Cheeks £190  

Note: Extreme hyperhidrosis will require higher dosages of Botox 

Lip Filler Prices / Dermal Filler Prices Neath

Lip Filler & Dermal Filler    
Glabella filler (between eye brows)     £180  
Tear trough (under eye) £300  
Cheek enhancement £250  

Lip filler (1ml Restylane)

Upper lip Lines £180  
Chin Enhancement £250  
Jawline Sculpting £250  
Downturn mouth edges £180  

Note: All prices are based on using 1ml of filler. We use Restylane and Juvederm as standard. Prices are based on using Restylane, Juvederm costs extra. 

Profhilo price

Profhilo® (per treatment)  £250   

Note: Recommended 2 treatments a month a part, with maintenance ongoing 6 monthly, depending on need.

Micro Needling prices - Acne scarrring and wrinkle reduction treatment

1  Treatment £200  
2  Treatments £350  
3  Treatments £500  
4  Treatments £630  
5  Treatments £760  

Note: MicroNeedling can require more than one treatment for optimum results. However, you will see a significant difference even after the first treatment session

AluminerMD Chemical Peel


Glow Peel £95  

Note: Price includes Post care kit (three 15ml bootles Cleanser, Recovery Balm and Shear Hydration Moisturiser)

** Treatments undertaken at locations other than the Neath Clinic may well vary in price **