Botox for Sweating Bridgend

The Skin Clinic offers a variety of skin treatments including Botox injections to treat excessive sweating. Botox has been found to be very effective in reducing excessive sweating. Excessive sweating (i.e. out of proportion to what is required to regulate body temperature), is known as hyperhidrosis. 


Excessive sweating  in both men and women can really effect self-confidence and personal esteem. Everybody sweats and is a   natural occurence to cool the body down,  paticularly during exercise. However excessive sweating is embarrassing, it can stain clothes, inhibit romance and complicate business and social situations. Severe cases can make it hard for people to grip a car steering wheel or shake hands.

If you are reading this because excessive sweating is effecting you.


You sweat: 

At Home & Work

Winter or Summer

Sweat More if Stressed or Anxious

Change Clothes Often, Not Wear Light Colours


Feeling Your Quality Of Life is Being Affected, we can help you . Same day consultation and treatment which will lead to a significant reduction in sweating (approx 90%).  Botox treatment for sweating prices are from £320 for both arm pits.

The Skin Clinic is the creation of Dr Sarah Parkes (DC). Sarah is a qualified Independent Nurse Prescriber and a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine. She specialises in safe non surgical treatments. She has safely performed hundreds of cosmetic proceedures,with fantastic results.  


"I pride myself on listening to my clients needs and requirements. I'm a self-confessed perfectionist and go the extra lengh to ensure the best results. The client feedback and reviews I receive really show the dedication I have to ensure my clients happiness "


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