Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are a popular cosmetic treatment, involve injecting hyaluronic acid into the lips to enhance volume and shape. This procedure creates fuller, plumper lips and smooth out fine lines around the mouth. Lip fillers offer great results with minimal downtime.

Difference between lip and dermal fillers

Lip fillers have a softer consistency and a lower hyaluronic acid concentration compared to dermal fillers. Lip fillers are formulated to provide natural-looking volume and contour specifically for the lips, requiring a delicate balance between plumping effect and softness. Dermal fillers have a higher concentration to address deeper wrinkles and provide more volume restoration

Lip Filler - £250 for 1ml

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Injecting lip filler
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Get those perfect lips

Getting a great result from having lip filler is not a given. As well as the practitioner having the right training and experience you also need very good hand to eye co-ordination. Sarah has built a reputation for her lip filler results. Together with all her training and experience she is a very good artist which enables her to get the kind of results that other practitioners can't.

Lip Filler - Before & after pictures

As can be seen in the pictures below Sarah believes in enhancing your natural look. Subtly increasing the fullness and volume of the lips. All treatments are reviewed after 2 weeks to ensure all clients are happy.

Height and volume subtly increased with 1ml of lip filler

Clients normally opt for a 1ml injection of lip filler, which gives a subtle enhancement to the lips.  It is always best to build up gradually if clients want more than 1ml.


Lip fullness / volume is normally governed by both our genetics,  the ageing process, exposure to UV light and pollutants (especially smoking).


A loss of lip volume and definition can be detrimental to the balance of the face as can having excessive upper lip creases (often created by smoking) or mismatched upper and lower lips. 

How do lip fillers work?

Lip fillers consist of synthesised hyaluronic acid (HA) or sodium hyaluronate, which is a natural component of lip collagen. The hyaluronic acid is a gel-like solution. Hyaluronic acid holds water which gives volume and hydrates the lips.  So HA's inherent water-holding properties restores a natural fullness to your lips.

Dr Sarah Parkes Skin Clinic before and after lip filler picture
Lip filler before and after
Lip filler before and after skin clinic swansea, Neath Bridgend
2ml of lip filler injected over 2 sessions

Skin clinic Bridgend Neath lip filler
Lip filler before & after
Skin clinic Bridgend Neath lip filler
Lip filler before & after

How do I prepare for lip filler treatment?

Do nothing differently.  Your lips will be cleaned and sterilised at the time of the procedure. Please do not wear any lipstick or cosmetics. 

What to expect on the day

Firstly anesthetic cream will be applied to the lips, so that the lips are numb. This will take about 15 minutes to take full effect. Lip filler will be injected into the border ( where the skin meets the lip itself) and also into the lips themselves in so that the lips have a fuller appearance.  You will be able to see the effect immediately.  We aim to get the result that you are looking for and will NOT overfill your lips, No trout pout.  

How long do lip injection treatments last?

Hyaluronic acid fillers last around 12 months depending on how each individual responds to the filler ingredients.  Some people degrade the filler faster than others, everyone is different. If you are slim it is likely that you will metabolize the HA faster and the injections won't last as long.  

Can I get the filler taken out ?

One of the big advantages of HA fillers is that they can dissolved away with an enzyme called hyaluronidase. HA fillers are not permanent.   

Are there side effects?

There are very few reported side effects with these products, bruising being the most common as with any injections. This is usually minimal and can be covered effectively with make up.


You must mention to your practitioner if you are taking any blood thinning medications ie. aspirin or warfarin as one would be at higher risk of bruising.  However, this does not mean that we cannot proceed, it just mean we will take extra care to minimise bruising. 

Aftercare for lip filler

There is usually some swelling after having a lip enhancement and it is advisable to relax and minimise strenuous activity in the 24 hours after having the treatment. Anti-inflammatories such as  Ibuprofen can help to reduce the swelling and we will provide you with a cool ice pack to place on the lips.  It is important to keep the lips clean and dry and to leave the lips to settle down without any excessive touching or rubbing.

Who should NOT have lip filler

If you have an active outbreak of herpes simplex wait until it has subsided. As an extra precaution for those that suffer from herpes simplex would be to take Aciclovir or something equivalent before and after their treatment. 

Injection of poor quality unregulated lip filler (probably from China) is one of the biggest sources of complaints in the cosmetic industry. You should always know what is being injected into you and esure it is supplied by a UK pharmacy.