PDO Thread Lift

What is a thread lift ?

Thread lifts have helped fill in the in the gap between what traditional cosmetic procedures could acheive and a surgical face lift. It has pushed the boundaries of what is possible to acheive non surgically.


A thread lift is a procedure where temporary sutures are used to produce a subtle, but visible "lift" in the skin. Instead of removing the patient's loose facial skin surgically, the cosmetic surgeon simply suspends it by stitching up portions of it. This has the effect of pulling the skin back slightly, lifting and tightening the face. As well as lifting the skin, threads also encourage extra collagen to the treated areas. This is important because of the vital role collagen plays in the aging process.


Collagen helps support growth factors that greatly influence the condition of our skin. As well as wound healing, collagen helps to keep our skin strong, voluminous and soft.


As we age our bodies gradually produce less collagen, which leads to an 80% reduction in skin thickness by about age 70.


This loss of volume and strength is a large factor in the creation of excess skin and wrinkles. As the skin grows thinner and weaker, it's no longer able to support the tissues beneath it adequately, meaning that gravity pulls it downwards and stretches it.


A thread lift will cause a gradual improvement in their skin's tone and firmness. While their threads are in place, the body's healing response will be constantly activated because the body will want to "heal" the sutured areas and expel the sutures. 

Thread lift vs surgical facelift

There are two main advantages of the have a thread lift rather that surgical face lift. The first being cost and the second is recovery. Recovery time is minimal with potenital for some redness, soreness after treatment.


While thread lifts certainly produce visible changes, they will generally only lift the face by a few millimeters. They create a more subtle and natural looking end result than a surgical facelift. Thread lifts are best suited to patients who have  mild to moderate skin laxity and not severe skin laxity. 

Sarah Parkes Threads neck skin clinic
Threads used to tighten up wrinkles on the neck. Picture taken straight after treatment.

What to expect on the day

Step 1: your face will be covered in numbing cream, so that the treatment is painless.

Step 2: 

Step 3: 


What is the recovery time

Minimal, expect some soreness and redness in the treated area and potentially some bruising.

How long do threads last ?

The normally last approximately 18 months or longer.  At that point if you wish you can schedule a new treatment.